New Year Resolutions

New Year is a time to celebrate, and get involved in big plans for the year. Most of us start big with our self-made values and lose our way towards middle of the year and again resolve to make changes in our plans. This cycle goes on unabated in our lives all throughout each year. Every New Year welcomes with it a few resolutions that each of us takes to get a little more determined towards our goals. Although the importance of these resolutions have been effective in many of our lives but still a few of us fail to achieve our resolutions towards the mid or end of the year. The variety in resolutions that we take ranges from our personal choices and priorities that affects our lives each day.

This year I decided not to take any resolution and let things fall in place as the priority arises, but at the same time assign importance to certain areas of improvement. I thought to pick up top 5 resolutions of the year that can be of help to anyone and help them relate it with their lives.

Quit Smoking I am a non-smoker, but I find this to be on top priority of every smoker around me. Numerous resolutions to quit smoking go haywire every year, but still a large number of people are able to sustain with their resolution all throughout the year. The increase in number of smokers every year especially in developing economies makes this to be on top priority for people. As per the statistics published by World Bank, there are 1.1 billion smokers in the world, and the number is expected to increase to 1.25 billion till 2025. I believe the figures itself should prompt smokers to make this on top of their lists.

Yoga and Fitness programs– This has been one of the most sought after resolution these days with lots of people resorting to various forms of exercise to reduce their weight. In the year 2010, I started taking power-yoga classes and this has helped me immensely to shed off extra fat, I believe people can definitely give it a try to reduce their weight. As per WHO statistics, there are more than 40 million children who are obese and 80% of these are from developing economies of the world. Going by the serious numbers, this definitely can be on resolution priority list of anybody.

Reading & writing– For bloggers like me, the resolution definitely is a priority but is often marred by various other factors and engagements that crop up in our day-to-day life. There are people around the world who blog or write books driven by their New Year resolutions, it is just upon us on how we manage time and the priority we assign to our resolution.

New Lessons Well, learning anything new has always been on priority for all of us, whether it is any new language, dance, obtaining a degree, painting, swimming, art etc. The list can definitely be very long, with no end to the amount of knowledge available in the world.

Managing expensesExpense management is always on the top priority for every one of us on day-to-day basis. The art of managing expenses lies in how meticulously we manage our wasteful or not so important expenditures. With the world economy being hit by recession, managing expense is one of the important resolutions in our lives. Although the art of saving is seen more in the developing economies than the developed ones, managing expenses have always been part of everyone’s life lately.

I believe there can be many more resolutions that can be added to this list depending on personal preferences, the only resolution that we need to take is to stick to our New Year resolutions for 365 days firmly.


About Alok Ranjan

Alok Ranjan is a marketing specialist and management consultant based in Mumbai, India. He believes, brands are caught in a maze of technology and economic dynamics, caused by disruptive forces, which are changing the way consumers interact with brands. Alok advises brands to shape consumer centric strategy and assists to develop a roadmap for businesses. View all posts by Alok Ranjan

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